TRC #437: Tariffs Vs The Border Wall + Movie Myths + Statue Of Liberty: Muslim?

The U.S. president is threatening to impose stiff tariffs on Mexican imports, but how do tariffs really work? Darren gives us the low-down. Next, Cristina looks into myths many of us believe thanks to movies and TV shows. Finally, Adam examines claims floating around social media that the Statue of Liberty was originally based on a Muslim woman.

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Tariffs Vs The Border Wall



Washington Post

Movie Myths

10 Myths You Probably Believe Because of Movies & TV Shows

12 Myths That Movies Made Us Believe

Discovery NASA: Small Worlds

Does Chloroform Really Knock You Out As Quickly As They Show In Movies?

Wiki: Chloroform

Hollywood Medical Myths

Things You Didn’t Know

Why Shocking a “Flat-Lined” Heart Can’t Get It Going Again

Wiki: Asystole

Today I Found Out: Gun Silencers

5 Ridiculous Gun Myths Everyone Believes

YouTube: Why Dual Wielding Doesn’t Work In Real Life

YouTube: Glock 36 suppressed

Statue Of Liberty: Muslim?

The Statue of Liberty Was Born a Muslim – The Daily Beast

The Statue Of Liberty ‘Based On A Muslim Woman’ – The Huffington Post

The Statue of Liberty Was Originally a Muslim Woman – Smithsonian

The Statue of Liberty: A Transatlantic Story By Edward Berenson

Black Statue of Liberty – Summary Report – Statue of Liberty National Monument (U.S. National Park Service)

Statue of Liberty Origins – Snopes

The Statue of Liberty Before It Was Green – Visual News

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2 Responses to TRC #437: Tariffs Vs The Border Wall + Movie Myths + Statue Of Liberty: Muslim?

  1. Michael MacKay says:

    Hi from Toronto.

    In terms of media myths, I’ve always cut filmmakers some slack for *showing* asteroid fields as much denser than they really are, simply because a realistic presentation would not fit within the frame. As well, the spaceships are actually travelling faster than they are shown. I guess it balances out.

    A similar phenomenon occurs in movies showing small infantry combat units on patrol, most notably WW II and Vietnam. I didn’t learn much in my basic “army training”, but I did learn that, conditions permitting, you’re supposed to be 5 to 10 meters apart, to make it harder to shoot you. Again, I grant artistic license to allow more actors to fit in the frame, and also to allow them to be close enough to talk to each other.

    Keep up the good work.

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