TRC #421: US Election Polls + Fake Academic Papers + Plain Cigarette Packaging

cigDarren kicks off the show by taking a look at election polls and their real-world margin of error. Next, Pat digs into predatory publishers and fake academic articles. Lastly, Adam fans the flames on the debate around the effectiveness of plain cigarette packaging after a listener asks TRC to look at “both sides of the argument”.  

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US Election Polls

New York Times

Fake Academic Papers

Bartneck’s Blog post

The Guardian: iOS Autocomplete Paper

Ottawa Citizen: Blinded By Scientific Gobbledygook

Beall’s List Of Predatory Publishers

Wikipedia: Journal Of Advanced Computer Technology

Wikipedia: Predatory Open Access Publishing

Wiki: International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology

CNET: Prof turns to iOS autocomplete for aid on prank physics paper

Science Mag: Who’s Afraid of Peer Review?

SGEM Xtra: Everything You Know is Wrong

Plain Cigarette Packaging

Use of illicit tobacco following introduction of standardized packaging of tobacco products in Australia: results from a national cross-sectional survey

Countering Industry Arguments Against Plain Packaging: It will Lead to Increased Smuggling

Japan Tobacco International

Both Sides of the Argument

Japan Tobacco International – Wikipedia

Consultation on “Plain and Standardized Packaging” for Tobacco Products

Sinclair Davidson Claims Freedom of Information request shows Australian Government manipulated plain packs data

Slippery slope – Rational Wiki

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