TRC #421.5: Darren On Ron Corbett Unscripted

ghost-dogBOO!  We bring you a rebroadcast of Darren’s appearance on CFRA News Talk Radio on Halloween, 2013.  He participated in a debate about ghosts, spirits and the paranormal for a special episode of Ron Corbett Unscripted.

Download direct: mp3 file

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1 Response to TRC #421.5: Darren On Ron Corbett Unscripted

  1. Alex Murdoch says:

    I love that the ghost hunter heads out and immediately investigates why a place is haunted rather than IF a place is haunted. Joe Nickell does a much better job of investigating.
    Great job Darren, you managed to debate the issue without coming out as a know-it-all jerk. That’s a hard thing to do!

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