TRC #407: Panelists Disagreeing Mashup – Geeks and glasses + 0.9999 = 1? + Bike Helmet Safety

Cats hissing at each otherWhile continue to prepare for our move to radio we’re putting together yet another Mashup. This week we present segments where our panelists disagreed about things. First up is a classic segment looking at the correlation between geekiness and glasses, or rather myopic vision. Next is the always fun does 0.9999 repeating = 1? Finally guest Jim Davies presents a controversial segment on bike helmet safety. All of these basically end up with our panel arguing about something.

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Show Notes:

Geeks and glasses
TRC Episode 42
ScienceDaily Article
Kids’ perception

1 = 0.999999999999…
TRC Episode 136
Wikipedia – 0.999
Jiggmin – Does 0.999 = 1?
Study by Weller et. al

Bike helmet safety
TRC Episode 221
Is Cycling Dangerous
Blog Post by Jim on Bike Helmets

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