TRC #396: French’s Ketchup Better For Ontario? + Misleading Headlines + China Bans April Fools’?

headline-820x608Adam squeezes the truth out of rumours that French’s Ketchup, rather than Heinz, is supporting Ontario industries.  Next Cristina looks into whether readers are influenced by misleading headlines, even if they read the full article.  Lastly Darren checks into reports that China has banned April Fools’ day.

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French’s Ketchup

Mayor’s Facebook post about boycotting effects – Facebook

Loblaws drops French’s ketchup from its shelves – Windsor – CBC New

French’s ketchup plans to move production to Ontario – Toronto Star

Brian Fernandez’s Facebook post

French’s Ketchup sells out after Facebook post mentions its Ontario-grown tomato

French’s using Leamington Tomatoes in its ketchup

Heinz boycott could hurt Leamington – Windsor News – Breaking News & Latest Headlines

‘Don’t take… frustration out on Heinz’: Leamington mayor warns ketchup boycott could backfire

French’s ketchup was ‘cannibalizing’ sales of PC brand: Loblaw memo –  CTV News

Misleading Headlines

New Yorker: How Headlines Change the Way We Think

Misleading Headlines Can Leave Lasting Impressions, Even If You Read The Article

The effects of subtle misinformation in news headlines

CNN: Ebola Airborne

First impressions are lasting impressions: A primacy effect in memory for repetitions

China Bans April Fools’

Washington Post list of fake stories

Washington Post China bans April Fool’s

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2 Responses to TRC #396: French’s Ketchup Better For Ontario? + Misleading Headlines + China Bans April Fools’?

  1. Jeff says:

    Another great podcast!

    In a country where American designed vehicles, with most of the parts are built in America, assembled in Canada by an American owned company carrying out American foreign policy are considered Canadian Vehicles, as is the case with the LAVIII, I would say French’s Ketchup is very Canadian. Relatively speaking.

    Hey, we have to speak up for Canada, no one else will.

    Doing the rounds is the claim by EcoWatch that Bhutan is carbon negative.

    Which would also make Canada carbon negative. Using their numbers and ignoring Canada’s largest carbon sinks which include cold oceans, the worlds longest coastlines, food and energy exports, Canada is also “one of the few countries in the world to have negative carbon emissions”.

    Canada’s 3,500,000 sq/km of forest, sink 840Mt while Canada only emits 710Mt.

    And when it comes to cows Bhutan has about half a cow per person, while Canada has only a third of a cow per person, and more ecosystems to handle cow farts.

    Which reminds me this is day three I have to go feed my third of a cow.

    Great show! Keep up the skeptical work, don’t believe the headlines!

    And as always GO CANADA!!

  2. Christine, great bit about the headlines!! I find that so true in regards to medical information especially the crank Natural News puts out. I think NN actually counts on that and makes their headlines as outrageous as possible so “they” stick in the minds of “readers”. The true follower is not going to fact check so they can get away with it and only remember what the headline tells them. Most of the time the paper doesn’t even say what NN thinks it says or their counter is all a thought experiment with no work involved.

    PS:: Would love to have all 4 of you join us on AoA: Beyond the Trailer Park!!

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