TRC #379: Charitable Giving + Premium vs Regular Gas + Elf On The Shelf

jamminOn this week’s show, tis the season for Darren to revisit charitable giving and effective donations. Pat fills us in on an email from a TRC’er who asks us to break down premium vs regular gas. Finally, Adam channels his inner Elf to enlighten us on Santa’s not-so-secret spy.


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Charitable Giving

MacAskill in Guardian


GiveWell top charities

Impact Calculator

Charity Science Christmas Fundraiser

Premium vs Regular Gas

Car and Driver: Regular or Premium?

Cartalk: Regular Vs Premium Do Vehicles Really Need Premium Gas

FTC: Premium Gas

Jalopnik: Keep Your Premium Car, Ditch The Premium Gas

MarketPlace: Premium Fuel Not Cleaner

Washington Post: Click and Clack A Real Gas

Elf On The Shelf

NSA on the Shelf – Snopes

The Original Magical Elf on the Shelf – 1960’s style

How did Elf on the Shelf evolve from a simple elf ornament?

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