TRC #378: Ethical Automated Cars? + Adult Colouring Books + The Halitosis Influence

for-a-story-on-colouring-books-for-adultsTRC is in the house! This week, Darren takes us for a spin to explore the ethical dilemma of self-driving cars. Adam takes a peek into the growing trend of Adult Colouring Books and their potential health benefits. (No, not that kind of adult colouring book.) Finally, Cristina mouths off about how clever marketing made bad breath sound like a medical condition.

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Ethical Automated Cars?

MIT Technology Review

Adult Colouring Books

Adult colouring book trend going strong – CBC

Adult Coloring. Does it Actually Have Any Mental Health Benefits? – SkepChick

Why Adults Are Buying Coloring Books (for Themselves) – New Yorker

Zen and Anti stress coloring pages for adults

Art therapy – Wikipedia

Hey, grown-ups: put down the colouring pens! – Spiked-Online’s most wished for books

Yes, Virginia, There Is Some Art Therapy Research

Camp Grounded – Summer Camp for Adults – Digital Detox

The Halitosis Influence

Smithsonian Mag: Marketing Campaign Invented Halitosis

Smithsonian Mag: 1928 Listerine Ad Image

IO9: The Medical Condition Invented By Listerine
Wiki: Listerine

Adam Ruins Everything – How Listerine Created Bad Breath

Dictionary: Halitosis

Snopes: Bridesmaid Expression

Forager Foundation: The Toothbrush Tree

Bio: Joseph Lister

Wiki: Halitosis

Etymology Dictionary


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