TRC #375: Supporting TRC + Immortality + Bloodletting

CL 62 Silver Barber Pole-600x600Pat kicks off this week’s show by reflecting on TRC listeners, future projects and ways to support the show.   Next, Darren brings us one of his trademark philosophical segments with an exploration of immortality.   Lastly Cristina takes a look at bloodletting.  Is that still a thing?

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National Geographic: Bloodletting Is Still Happening, Despite Centuries of Harm’

Wikipedia: Bloodletting

LA Times: Modern Bloodletting and Leeches

The demise of bloodletting

NCBI: Benjamin Rush, MD: assassin or beloved healer?

Wikipedia: Humorism

Phlebotomy Trial

BCMJ: History Of Bloodletting

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2 Responses to TRC #375: Supporting TRC + Immortality + Bloodletting

  1. michael macarthur says:

    On the subject of immortality, check out the movie, The Man From Earth (2007).
    the main character is immortal. the movie takes place in a cabin where college professors are having a get together to honor one of there own who is retiring.
    excellent movie.

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