TRC #353: Perfect Pitch + Name That: Weather & Climate Edition + Is July 4 Really Independence Day?

mozart (1)The whole gang is back to deliver another fun-filled show! Cristina rings in with a segment about Perfect Pitch and a recent study that looks at whether the ability can be learned by adults. Pat challenges the panel’s knowledge of Weather & Climate with an informative game of Name That.  Last but not least, Darren breaks down the timeline surrounding the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence.

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Perfect Pitch

Huff Post: Acquiring ‘Perfect’ Pitch Is Possible For Some Adults, Scientists Say

PubMed: Absolute Pitch

NY Times: Perfect Pitch: A Gift of Note For Just a Few

UChicago News: Acquiring ‘perfect’ pitch may be possible for some adults

Science Direct: Auditory working memory predicts individual differences in absolute pitch learning

Psychological Science: Absolute Pitch May Not Be So Absolute

Mental Floss: 10 People with perfect pitch

Wiki: Cent (Music)

Wiki: Octave

Wiki: Absolute Pitch

Dictionary: Relative Pitch

American Psychological Association: Most people show elements of absolute pitch

UChicago Absolute Pitch YouTube Video

YouTube: Autistic Man with Perfect Pitch

Name That: Weather & Climate Edition

UCAR: The Stratosphere

El Nino Info

Wikipedia: Weather Records

Nat Geo: Typhoons, Hurricanes, Cyclones

Wikipedia: Iran Blizzard of 1972

EIA:  How Much CO2 Per Gallon of Gas

Wikipedia: Cumulonimbus Clouds

Is July 4 Really Independence Day?

American Revolution

Independence Day  

Treaty of Paris  


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