TRC #344: Animal Memory + Name That: Random Technology Quiz + The Humidex

level1july303Just in time for the weekend!  First Adam attempts to recall whether or not animals have memory, next Pat tests your knowledge of random technology with another game of ‘name that’ and lastly Cristina gets the crew to work up a sweat about the humidex.

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Animal Memory

The Reality Check #145: The Halo Effect + Hypnosis + Gold Fish Memory

Feline memories found to be fleeting – Live Science

How do dogs perceive time?

Circadian clock – Wikipedia
Healthy Pets: Dogs Remember Events

Name That: Random Technology Quiz

Wright Brothers First Flight

Vending Machine History


Super Ball


iPod History


CBC News: Humidex – The Flawed Canadian Way to Calculate Summer

Environment Canada: Humidity

Global News: Humidex Explained

Wiki: Humidex  Humidex Feeler


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3 Responses to TRC #344: Animal Memory + Name That: Random Technology Quiz + The Humidex

  1. I came here to offer a comment and found that I somehow completely missed the section in the Technology segment about iPod history. I’ve had one form or another for at least 10 years and have love-hate relationship. Much as I have loved my iPod and iTouch, Apple is notorious for incessantly implementing annoying interface updates that make life miserable for anyone who has mastered the in’s and out’s of how the screen on my laptop works and plays with the device. Nowadays, it’s a struggle just to figure out how my favorite podcasts — such as TRC — are going to transfer and when they’re going to mysteriously disappear or be deleted. If Apple would just say to its developers: “Stop fussing, dammit! Go ahead and fix security issues and performance glitches, but stop the gosh darn re-architecting of the interface.”

    Ok…got that out of my system.

    Now to the original point of visiting the website. Christina has been a wonderful addition to the show. Her segments are well thought out, of good scope and her topics are always of interest. But…(you knew there would be a “but”)…can she maybe not do so much direct reading from her script? It’s not that she doesn’t read very well. Her tone and inflections are good, but it sounds a bit like a speech at times that could simply be downloaded to the website.

    I’m not sure how the other panelists get their segments to sound less “read.”

    And while I’m praising Christina (not burying), congrats to both Christina and Pat for leveling out the nerd factor (long pointless digressions about video gaming, talking over each other, fits of teenage giggling and arguing) that used to be so characteristic of the show. Pat’s calm sign-off and both Christina’s and Pat’s choice of topics are such a breath of fresh air that the show is back to the top of my podcast list…when I can figure out how to use my iTunes after whatever their latest “upgrade” is. (Maybe that could be a segment topic.)


    Jim V in Phoenix and honorary member of the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club.

  2. Cristina says:

    Hey Jim! Thanks for the props! It really does mean a lot. TRC is a labour of love so it’s nice to get the feedback. As far as your comment about ‘direct reading’, I’m not sure what to suggest. We all plan out and read our segments on the show. Sometimes it sounds more obvious than other times. Some segments are more ‘fact-heavy’ than others & the Humidex segment was definitely heavy on quotes and info that I couldn’t improvise around. I’ve done many voice-overs in the past years, but I’m still a total newb at TRC! Those boys have 100’s of episodes under their belt while I’m still trying to find my way (voice) on the show. Hopefully, I’ll get there!

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