TRC #343: Voluntourism + Higher Thread Counts + Sleepwalking 101

2032116-skeeowakHappy Spring Equinox! Darren kicks off the show by exposing the disturbing downside of well-intentioned Voluntourism. Cristina lays out the truth behind whether higher thread counts are really indicative of bed sheet quality. Finally, Adam stirs the panel with an in-depth segment about Sleepwalking.

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Guardian article

TEDx talk

Bremner article

Higher Thread Counts

Consumer Reports: Higher Thread Count Doesn’t Guarantee Better Sheets

Federal Trade Commission: National Textile Association Advisory

Southern Living: Sheet Thread Count Guide

Huff Post: Thread Count Does Not Matter

Consumer Reports Wiki

Departures: Rise of 1000 Count Sheets


Sleepwalking: Dangerously innocent

The Sleepwalking Defense – The Rogues Gallery

Somniloquy – Wikipedia

Sleep eating – American Sleep Association

The 7 Most Insane Things People Have Done While Sleepwalking – Cracked

Sleep Sex – Wikipedia

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1 Response to TRC #343: Voluntourism + Higher Thread Counts + Sleepwalking 101

  1. Paul Buhler says:

    The Cracked site also looks at voluntourism in this article, “6 Socially Conscious Actions That Only Look Like They Help”,

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