TRC #341: Health Canada & Natural Remedies + Food Stereotypes + Why Paper Cuts Hurt So Much

nightonDarren is back on home turf and kicks off this week’s show by putting Health Canada’s licensing of natural remedies under the microscope. Adam digs into race and gender-based food stereotypes. Finally, Cristina slices through a segment on why paper cuts hurt so much.

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Health Canada & Natural Remedies

TRC #291 (Mozi-Q)

CBC Article


Food Stereotypes

Men eat meat, women eat chocolate: How food gets gendered – Salon

Where Did That Fried Chicken Stereotype Come From? – Code Switch – NPR

Dining Out in America – Quick Service Restaurant Report – Placed

Factors Affecting Watermelon Consumption In the United States

Meat consumption patterns by race and gender –  Counting Animals

How Fast-Food Eaters Split Along Ethnic Lines – Bloomberg

Transcultural Marketing: Building Customer Relationships in Multicultural America – Marye Tharp

The Truth Of Why “Manly” Men Order Steak, And “Wimps” Order Salad

Why Paper Cuts Hurt So Much

LiveScience: Why Paper Cuts Are The Worst Kind Of Pain

Scientific American: Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Much

Metro: Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Incredibly Badly


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2 Responses to TRC #341: Health Canada & Natural Remedies + Food Stereotypes + Why Paper Cuts Hurt So Much

  1. Alex Murdoch says:

    Glad to hear that Marketplace did a test on Mozi-Q. I have challenged the makers of this garbage to test their product in a manner similar to Consumer Reports, which sounds like what Marketplace did. Wish they’d had a n>1 though!
    As to the Dragon’s Den funding for their “product”, where did you get your info that it was pulled? I’d love to read more about it.

    Thanks for the great show!

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