TRC #329: Murder Down Under + Cake or Death + The Sitting Dead + #HomicideTheNorth

christmas_grim_reaper_ornament_roundThe Reality Check panel delivers a morbidly merry episode this holiday season! Pat goes down under to see if Adelaide is worthy of its ‘murder capital’ rep, while Cristina presents the odds of dying on your birthday. Next, Adam relaxes into a segment about the dangers of sitting, and Darren investigates recent homicide rates in Canada.


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Is Adelaide a Murder Capital?

Adelaide Now: Killing Adelaide’s Murder Myth

Dexter Trailer

Discussion of Joanne Lee

Joanne Lee: Murder in the Outback

Wikipedia: Cities By Murder Rate

Australian Institute of Criminology: Serial Murder

Adelaide Ranked Safest City

The Guardian: Australian Murder Stats

Daily Mail’s Misleading Headline

Radford University: Serial Killer Stats

Odds of Dying On Your Birthday

Science Direct: A not so happy day after all: Excess death rates on birthdays in the U.S.

Daily Mail: How birthdays can be deadly

Business Insurance: Birthdays carry greater risks than having too much fun

Eddie Izzard: Cake or Death

Annals of Epidemiology: Death has a preference for birthdays—an analysis of death time series

The Independent: Celebrate your big day as if it’s your last… it may well be

BBC: Are you more likely to die on your birthday?

Is Sitting Killing You?

Yes sitting at work is bad, but is standing actually better? – Health and Wellness – The Boston Globe

Sitting Is Killing You [Infographic]

The Truth About “The Truth About Sitting Down”

Sitting All Day Isn’t As Bad If You Do This – Time

Homicide in Canada

Show notes to follow.

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2 Responses to TRC #329: Murder Down Under + Cake or Death + The Sitting Dead + #HomicideTheNorth

  1. Pierre Dragicevic says:

    Hi all,

    Great podcast, as usual!

    At 41:13 I believe your are committing a base rate fallacy, since the proportion of gang members in the population is quite low (0.24 out of 1,000 people in Canada according to this source). If my calculations are correct, you are about 1,000 times less likely to be murdered if you don’t belong to a gang. So the point you used to make with people who are afraid of being murdered seems reasonable to me.


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