TRC #328: Superintelligence Overview + Guinness Two-Pour + Is Grumpy Cat a ‘100-millionaire’?

2573eb42f39927c2030a247ae50fecc791d52f5f7991dd56be5cf6d4d606da0eTRC drops another informative show with some hilarious outtakes! Darren takes over the world show with an in-depth overview of Nick Bostrom’s book Superintelligence, Cristina gives us a sobering look at whether the Guinness Two-Pour is a must or a myth, and Adam brings us a purr-fectly delivered segment about Grumpy Cat that had us all in stitches.

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Less Wrong Superintelligence discussion

Guinness Two-Pour

Buzzfeed: Guinness Two Pour Is The Greatest Marketing Myth

The Thirsty Wench

Six Steps To Pour The Perfect Pint of Guinness

Tale of Ale: Beer Myths

Daily News: Guinness Two Pour Is The Greatest Marketing Myth In History

Live Science: Mystery Guinness Stout Bubbles Solved

NBC: Why Do Guinness Bubbles Sink

The Daily Edge:  Guinness Two Pour Truth

YouTube: Guinness Perfect Pint Pour

Tasting Beers: The Nitro-Keg Revolution

Guinness Beer Wiki

History of Beer Wiki

Ninkasi Goddess of Beer Wiki

Jerry Seinfeld: Seedless Watermelons

Grumpy Cat

Business Insider: Grumpy Cat Has Earned Its Owner Nearly 100 Million In Just 2 Years

Grumpy Cat Wikipedia

Huffington Post: Report That Grumpy Cat Earned $100 Million Is ‘Completely Inaccurate’

Daily Express: Cheer up Grumpy Cat, You’ve Got a £64million Fortune

CNET: Grumpy cat made $100 million last year? Oh, no

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever Trailer



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