TRC #325: Cells On A Plane + Effective Donating Revisited + Sad Music

sadmusicbabyOn this week’s show, Adam rings in about whether we really have to turn off cell phones on a plane, Darren contributes by revisiting effective donating, and Cristina conducts a minor segment about why we listen to sad music when we’re sad.

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Cell Phone Use on a Plane

inFace: Cell Phones on Airplanes

Turn Off That Phone! – How Things Work – Air & Space Magazine

Picocell – Wikipedia

Mobile phones on aircraft – Wikipedia

Effective Donating

Dean Karlan


Charity Science

How to donate to GiveWell charities tax-efficiently

Why Sad Music Makes Us Sad

Sad Music Induces Pleasant Emotion

Sad Music Induces Pleasant Emotion Original Research Article


The Paradox of Music-Evoked Sadness: An Online Survey

We Listen to Sad Music to Feel Nostalgic

The Reason We Enjoy Sad Music

There’s A Reason You Love Sad Music After A Breakup, New Study Says

Why We Like Sad Music


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