TRC #300: Vanessa’s Law + Mistakes Were Made + Bad Student Writing + Best and Worst Segments

this is podcastAll four panelists are back together to celebrate 300 episodes of The Reality Check!  Pat starts us off with a look a Vanessa’s Law.   Adam then takes us through some mistakes that were made in the last 100 episodes.   Darren gives us a light-hearted segment about bad student writing and the show closes with a look at the panelists’ favourite and least favourite segments.

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Vanessa’s Law

Bad Science Watch Campaign

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6 Responses to TRC #300: Vanessa’s Law + Mistakes Were Made + Bad Student Writing + Best and Worst Segments

  1. Alex Murdoch says:

    Congratulations on show #300! Thanks for keeping going all this time and always providing food for thought, you can’t hear me agreeing/disagreeing with you, but I do talk back to the podcast.
    I really like changing the host and lineup as you do occasionally, since it brings an interesting dynamic to the show. I also like the fact that you feel free to actively disagree with each other, it’s not just an echo chamber.
    I’d love to sit down for a beer with you if you ever come out to New Brunswick. Until then, I’ll just sit on the sidelines, enjoying the show.

  2. Yves Dubois says:

    Congratulations on hitting the 300 mark! Keep up the good work!

    Woohoo! I got mentioned! That alone made the show 20% cooler. Don’t worry guys, I always be there to correct your mistakes… if I just happen to know better… and I usually don’t… and I guess that time wasn’t REALLY a mistake per se…

    And I’ll stay away from the math problems, I promise.

  3. Talking about the best segments: Adam Gardner needs to have a segment entirely in French with Darren translating using a handful of his best impressions.

    Four is a great number of hosts, but I also really enjoy the segments where Cristina guest-hosts, does she only contribute when one of the regular hosts is absent?

  4. -DeeT says:

    I’ve enjoyed the first sixty seconds of episode 300 so far, but that’s not the original Big Bird vocal performance. I got the record in 1971. I know.

    • Pat says:

      I wish I had known that in advance, DeeT. I would have asked you to pass a copy along! I had the record as a youngster but I couldn’t find an audio version of the original anywhere.

  5. Jo says:

    You talked about the helmet episode… I’ve found out since then that there are some jurisdictions where you won’t get as much money in damages if you get injured in a bicycle accident and you don’t wear a helmet. I thought it’s an important factor to consider and could be interesting to mention to Jim…

    Good show guys (but you’re getting more and more serious!! Keep the funny up! That’s what makes you special!)


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