TRC #299: Godzilla + Book Reviews + Snuff Films

godzilla-face-palmEpisode 299 has arrived!   With Elan away, the rest of the crew still delivers.   First Adam looks into whether on not Godzilla could exist.  Darren then gives us not one, not two, not three but FOUR book reviews.  Lastly Pat looks into whether there has ever been a true snuff film.

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Could Godzilla Exist? – YouTube

Upper limits on the mass of land animals estimated through the articular area of lim b-bon cartilage – Mike P. Taylor

Square-cube law – Wikipedia

Deep-sea gigantism – Wikipedia

Island gigantism

The Science of Godzilla – Ape Culture

If Godzilla Were Real, How Much Would He Eat? – Huffington Post

Could Godzilla Exist in Real Life? Here’s The Science Behind That Very Question (VIDEO) – Huffington Post

‘Biggest Dinosaur Ever’ Unearthed in Argentina – Time

Snuff Films

Wikipedia: Snuff Films


Straight Dope

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2 Responses to TRC #299: Godzilla + Book Reviews + Snuff Films

  1. Destry says:

    Adam, I’m pretty sure that the radiation changed all of Godzilla’s matter into various forms of carbon nanotube infused matter. This would increase the strength of his bones, skin, heart, etc. and be lightweight and extra absorbent (to incoming missiles). It also explains why he eats radiation instead of food. Carbon nanotubes don’t need no stinking food.

  2. Richard says:

    In the ‘reflexes’ portion of the Godzilla segment, Adam mentions that “pain takes about 2 feet per second to reach the nervous system”. Can we get some background info on that, because just on the face of it, it doesn’t make sense. I’m 6′ tall, but if I stub my toe, I know about it within maybe 1/10 of a second (a second at most) – but his statement would seem to indicate that it’d take 3 seconds.

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