TRC #243: Detoxification + Health At Every Size + Jewish Burial And Tattoos

100818CurbYE2Another episode of TRC is here and you can put that on your toast!  Elan explores detoxification, Adam responds to a listener’s request to look into health at any size and Pat closes things out by asking: did his co-hosts repeat a myth about tattoos and burial in Jewish cemeteries?

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Health At Every Size

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Jewish Burial And Tattoos

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Episode 35 with Zac Shipley and Adam Gardner

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4 Responses to TRC #243: Detoxification + Health At Every Size + Jewish Burial And Tattoos

  1. Nick says:

    Episode 41 must have been the first appearance of Elan, right?

    I enjoyed the detox segment, but wondered if you have encountered people using the term in a really generic way and not linked to the woo products. I work with several people who have engaged in a “detox” over the past year and I always ask for more information hoping to save them money on junk products like foot strips or nutritional supplements. However, each person I asked defined detoxing more like just going on a diet. They talked about wanting to do a “cleanse,” but they were just talking about not wanting to eat junk food and trying to lose a bit of weight. I was pretty surprised, there was no apparent woo involved, I think they were just trying to use trendy words.

  2. Tim Fletcher says:

    Did you guys figure out why there was a traffic spike?

    • Pat says:

      We did, Tim. A listener wrote in to let us know that the podcast had been “featured” in iTunes Australia.

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