TRC #240: Water Purification Scams + Grass vs. Grain Fed Beef + Red Hair Extinction

Requiem-for-the-Redhead-new-631Episode 240 of The Reality Check blows episode 239 out of the water, and this is saying something since (as followers of the episode descriptions would know) 239 was considered the best podcast ever made. The show starts off with Elan digging into the tricks used and lies told by scammers trying to sell water purification systems. Darren then compares grass fed to grain fed beef, looking into whether the claim that grass fed is better holds up. Pat plays us out by looking into whether or not red hair is going extinct.

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Water Purification Scams

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Wikipedia – Walkerton Tragedy

City of Ottawa Media advisory

Health Canada Drinking Water Guidelines

Grass Fed vs Grain Fed Beef

Straight Dope

Red Hair Extinction

Wikipedia – Red Hair

Discover Magazine

The Star – Read Head is Dead



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1 Response to TRC #240: Water Purification Scams + Grass vs. Grain Fed Beef + Red Hair Extinction

  1. Jo says:

    Just a small comment… It is not true that there is drinkable water everywhere in Canada… Amnesty International condemn Canada regarding the lack of drinkable water in a lot of aboriginal reserves. We often hear it’s because they are far away and it would be expansive. But some communities less than 150 km from a ‘regular’ city with drinkable water don’t have any. It is a matter of competences, the federal has competence over aboriginal people, as water is provincial… Just thought it was worth mentioning since the federal doesn’t care because not enough people mind about it…

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