TRC# 212: Avogadro’s Number + The Golden Ratio + The Astronomical Unit

This week’s show is all about numbers. Pat Roach faces his fears regarding Avogadro’s number, Elan Dubrofsky tells us about the Golden Ratio and Darren McKee explains the Astronomical Unit.

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Show Notes:

Avogadro’s Number

Avovdadro’s number redefining the kilogram

wikipedia- the metre

SMU – Alternative medicine

wikipedia – oscillococcinum

Quack Watch – homeopathy

Popular Mechanics- 13 most important numbers

Royal Society of Chemistry – Accuracy of Avogadro’s

FDA – Zicam Warning

USA Today – Zicam

National Center For Homeopathy – Zicam

Respectful Insolence

The Golden Ratio

Wikipedia – Golden Ratio

Mathematical Association of America (MAA) article

Golden Ratio – Contrary Viewpoint

Skeptiod – Golden Ratio

The Astronomical Unit

Scientific America


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