TRC #211: Walk or Run in the Rain + The Global Consciousness Project + A Year Supply

Darren McKee asks whether it is better to walk or run in the rain. Adam Gardner looks into the Global Consciousness Project and Elan Dubrofsky explains what winning a year or lifetime supply of something actually means.

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Show Notes:

Walk or Run in the Rain

BBC (math)

Walking or running in the rain—a simple derivation of a general solution

Andrea Ehrmann and Tomasz Blachowicz

Franco Bocci

The Global Consciousness Project

Global Consciousness Project official site

Global Consciousness Project – Wikipedia

global consciousness – The Skeptic’s Dictionary –

Unconscious Research of Global Consciousness – Skeptoid

A Year’s Supply – Win a year’s supply! What does that mean?

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5 Responses to TRC #211: Walk or Run in the Rain + The Global Consciousness Project + A Year Supply

  1. Chris says:

    just listened to your latest podcast – it was great, except the whole “Zee” value thing… We’re Canadian — the last letter of our alphabet it a “Zed”. geez! Even my four-year-old twins know this and can point out that Sesame Street was wrong when they say “zee”.

    sorry – pet peeve rant is now over…

  2. Adam says:

    Ha. Sorry I interchangeably used Zee and Zed. Since the original research was done by Americans this seemed like the correct usage…

  3. Nicola says:

    Great show!

    One comment though… 1992 was twenty years ago 😉

  4. Adam says:

    Chris, check out the latest episode where I talk a bit about Canadians and the letter Ze(e|d).

    • Chris says:

      LOL – I had to come back in and check for other comments once I read the title and had a quick laugh that it became a topic. I’m currently listening. Thanks.-Chris

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