The Reality Check #81: Buying the Cosmos + TV Ratings + Head Heat Loss Myth

Uranus Certificate

Adam exposes the practice of charging people to name stars and buy property on the moon. Elan explains how TV ratings are calculated and Darren debunks the myth that people lose 45% of their heat through their head.

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Show Notes

Buying the Cosmos
International Space Registry – The place to not actually get a star named after you
Shining Stars – Plushies that come with a code that lets you not really name a star
International Astronomical Union’s harsh words on “buying” star names
Bad Astronomy – By Phil Plait – Extensively discusses the star naming phenomenon
The Lunar Embassy – One of many groups claiming dishonestly to be able to sell real estate on the Moon
Who Owns the Moon? – Popular Mechanics

TV Ratings
Ratings for Gold Medal Men’s Ice Hockey Game
Wikipedia – Nielsen Ratings
Wikipedia – BBM Canada
Wikipedia – People Meters
Helium Article
EHow Article
HowStuffWorks Article

Head Heat Loss Myth 
Guardian article

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