The Reality Check #35: Climate Change + Plastic Bags + Ozone Depletion

Greenhouse Effect

In celebration of Earth day, we take a look at some environmental issues. Darren explains the basics of climate change, Xander covers the plastic bags debate, and Adam takes a second look at the ozone layer.

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Show Notes

Show Notes:

Climate Change
Climate Change Definitions 
Greenhouse effect 
IPCC report 
SciAm Climate change report 
Scientific Consensus
Books – Climate Wars – Book Review
The Weather Makers- Book Review
Venus and the Greenhouse Effect

Plastic Bags Article Arguing to Ban Plastic Bags
Wikipedia Article on Plastic Bags
Gasoline Consumption Figures
Petroleum Consumption Figures
Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Sea Turtles

Ozone Depletion
EPA Ozone Facts

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