The Reality Check #152: Home Field Advantage + Talking Youtube Animals + Internet Explorer User IQ

Elan looks at the common belief that teams get an advantage when playing a match in their home city, the results may surprise you! Adam is a bit skeptical about a few talking animals on Youtube. Darren talks about a recent media fail involving a supposed study showing a lower IQ for Internet Explorer users.

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Show Notes

Home Field Advantage

BBC News: Study reveals referees’ home bias

Straight dope: Home field advantage

Study by Jeremy P. Jamieson

sbnation study

Talking Youtube Animals

Husky Dog Talking – “I love you” – YouTube

Mishka are you stupid? “NOOOOOOOOOO!” – Husky Dog Talking – YouTube

Mishka says “How are you? How u doin’?” – Husky Dog Talking – YouTube
Senile Talking Cat! – YouTube

Talking Cat – YouTube

Epic Talking Parrot Cusses Up a Storm – YouTube
Macaw / Parrot cursing (Angry Bird saying WTF) – YouTube
Goat Yelling Like A Man
Fact or Fiction: Dogs Can Talk: Scientific American

Internet Explorer User IQ


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