The Reality Check #151: Aspartame + Cryotherapy + Dentist Suicides

Darren covers the evidence (or lack thereof) for aspartame’s supposed harms. Adam covers the latest trend in the NBA, cryotherapy, the use of experiencing cold to enhance athletic performance. Elan then looks at the claim that dentists have the highest suicide rate among professions.

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Show Notes



Straight Dope
NCI page on aspartame

Review study

Nature Obesity paper


Mavericks Credit Cryotherapy For Improved Postseason Recovery Time
Liquid Air – Wikipedia
Cryotherapy – Wikipedia
The Skeptics’ Guide To The Universe – Podcast 69 – 11/15/2006
Dr Oz: Cryogenic Chamber Therapy: Extreme Alternative Therapies

Dentist Suicides

APA article

Straight dope




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