The Reality Check #149: Divorce Statistic Myths + Is Cheeze Whiz One Molecule Away From Plastic?

Elan conducts another session of “Science Fiction or Science Fact™” about divorce statistics. Adam addresses the claim that Cheeze Whiz™ is only one molecule away from plastic.

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Show Notes

Divorce Statistics Myths

The art of love and intimacy – Top Ten Divorce myths research
Huffington Post – Divorce Myths Debunked
Time magainze – Divorce stats
Re-marriage statistics
United nations demographic yearbook
Economic consequences of divorce

Cheeze Whiz

Plastic – Chemical Structure – Wikipedia
Cheez Whiz – Kraft Foods
Hydrogen Peroxide – Wikipedia

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1 Response to The Reality Check #149: Divorce Statistic Myths + Is Cheeze Whiz One Molecule Away From Plastic?

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