The Reality Check #148: McDonalds Myths + Teething Necklaces + Long Weekend Fuel Prices

Elan debunks some gross myths about the contents of the food that McDonald’s serves. Adam goes baby crazy when talking about necklaces that supposedly help with teething. Jon talks about a recent study that sheds light on the debate surrounding whether gas prices go up before a long weekend.


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Show Notes

McDonalds Myths

McDonalds Myth busters
Snopes – McDonalds food not made out of food
Snopes – McDonalds meat made from worms
Snopes: 100% beef
The stir: Chicken Nuggets
Urban Legends – Chicken head in chicken wings

Teething Necklaces

Teething – Wikipedia
Witch Hazel – The Mangy Herbal Encyclopedia
Pur Noisetier
Tearless Teething
Amber Teething Necklaces
Succinic Acid – Skepticon

Long Weekend Fuel Prices coverage of the myth
MJ Ervin & Associate’s gas price data
Study showing gas price hike to be a myth

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