TRC #588: Evidence Of A Parallel Universe? + Cruise Industry Booming?

This week we bring you two great segments about recent news stories. First we are joined by our 5th Beatle, Dr. Stuart Robbins, who helps us to look into recent reports that NASA has discovered a parallel universe where time runs backwards. Next, Adam examines headlines suggesting that, despite coronavirus fears, cruise ship bookings are way up.

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Evidence Of A Parallel Universe? 

Stuart Robbins: Did NASA Discover Proof Of A Mirror Universe?

Bad Astronomy, No NASA Did Not Discover A Parallel Universe

NY Post Article

CNET Article

New Scientist Article

Cruise Industry Booming?


Yes, people are still booking cruises for 2021 — just not as much as you might have heard – The Points Guy

COVID-19 pandemic on cruise ships – Wikipedia

Carnival Cruise bookings up 600 PERCENT after announcing voyages would restart in August – Daily Mail

WATER THEY THINKING? Carnival Cruises sales ‘up 600 PERCENT in 3 days after August return date for trips announced’ despite coronavirus fears – The Sun

Carnival swamped with cruise bookings after announcing August return – New York Post

Cruise ship bookings jump 600% as Carnival reveals plans to resume trips in August – Global News

A&W at St. Laurent mall remains closed temporarily due to cockroaches – CBC

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3 Responses to TRC #588: Evidence Of A Parallel Universe? + Cruise Industry Booming?

  1. Luc says:

    Hey TRC,

    Loved this episode (as I do all TRCpodcasts) but I got hitched on the snitch. “Little Snitch” to be exact. The 5th Beatle mentioned it almost in passing but just enough to peak my curiosity. Being the incredibly lazy person that I am (Producer Pat can attest) I thought I’d visit the “great website” trcpodcast dot com to find the trusty “link in the show notes”.

    Much to my chagrin, no link. Devastated, I was forced to expend a tremendous amount of energy to open an entirely new tab in my browser and Google it myself. This, I would soon learn, was just the beginning of my disappointment because I quickly realised “Little Snitch” did not exist in the Windows world.

    Referring back to my now hopefully well established level of laziness, I quickly grew tired of scrolling through the plethora of bogus sites flooding results with “Top 10 Little Snitch alternatives for Windows” thus burying long-ago trusted IT review sites in referral weblink hell. Not being the brightest amongst your listeners, by any stretch, I nonetheless had a moment of clarity which gave birth to a new plan…

    Come back here to this great website post a comment seeking help and go back to my dim blob of an existence.

    But in the proverbial sense that giving a dim blob a fish feeds him for a day (if it’s cooked and served to him on a TV tray), selling him a condo above a fish market feeds him for life, I thought rather than asking where I might find the best Windows based knock-off of Little Snitch, I would instead ask what hi-tech podcast or podcasts you know and love as much as we (your loyal listeners) love you.


    What hi-tech podcast or podcasts do you know and love as much as we, your loyal listeners, love you?

    • Pat says:

      Hey Luc,

      Thanks for the note. Stu made little snitch sound pretty great and it is for some things but… man… can it get annoying. It is constantly going off if you’re any kind of a regular computer user. I had it installed for a period, years ago, and just couldn’t handle it.

      As for tech podcasts, I’m sure Darren may chime in about some “robots taking over the world” show he listens to but I mostly listen to security focused podcasts: Darknet Diaries, Hacking Humans, Malicious Life, Cyber, Hacked.

      Podcasts in general: I jump around on what I am listening to a lot. I subscribe to probably 100 shows and I listen to a lot of them. “Stuff you should know” is a staple, I’ve been enjoying “Daniel and Jorge explain the universe” and “Cautionary Tales” lately. I got sucked into “wind of change” recently. Ear Hustle is mostly great. Science Vs do a great job. Hardcore History is awesome if you can handle 4 hour episodes. So many great shows out there.

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