TRC #676: Phenylephrine Ineffective? + Bees Are Doing Fine

Cristina delves into the latest FDA advisory announcement shedding light on the ineffectiveness of phenylephrine, a widely used ingredient in several nasal decongestants. Adam revisits the myriad of news stories and worries surrounding bees and the issue of colony collapse disorder.

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Phenylephrine Ineffective?

FDA advisory committee says common ingredient in some nasal decongestants does not work – ABC News.

Popular decongestant in many cold meds is ineffective, says U.S. drug advisory panel | CBC News

A popular decongestant has been deemed ineffective. Here’s what it means for Canadians | CBC News

Decongestant found in many cold, allergy medicines doesn’t actually work, FDA advisors say

A common ingredient in over-the-counter decongestants does not work, experts say : NPR

FDA clarifies results of recent advisory committee meeting on oral phenylephrine

CVS pulling some common decongestants found ineffective

CVS will no longer sell medications that contain phenylephrine as the only active ingredient | CNN

Health Canada to review U.S. panel’s conclusion that common decongestant doesn’t work – The Globe and Mail

Treating cough and cold: Guidance for caregivers of children and youth – PMC

Pseudoephedrine: Side Effects, Safety & Uses of Sudafed

Methamphetamine – Wikipedia

Bees Are Doing Fine

Believe it or not, the bees are doing just fine – Washington Post 

TRC #419: Are Bees Endangered? + Peanut Butter Deadly To Dogs? + Transcendental Meditation – The Reality Check Podcast’s Great Web Site 

The beekeepers who don’t want you to buy more bees – Seattle Times 

Neonicotinoid – Wikipedia 

From GMOs to neonics, what’s causing bee deaths? – From GMOs to neonics, what’s causing bee deaths? 

The beekeepers who don’t want you to buy more bees – The Seattle Times 

themuseumofmodernart – Instagram 

No Mow May – The Impatient Gardener 

Is ‘No Mow May’ really a good idea here in Canada? – Yahoo! news

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