TRC #643: Catalytic Converters + Masked People More Attractive? + New Year’s Resolutions

Cristina looks into why thefts of catalytic converters in cars has soared lately. Adam takes a skeptical lens to recent headlines suggesting that wearing face masks make people seem more attractive. Finally, Darren brings us a fascinating exploration of New Year’s resolutions and considers why humans make them.

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Catalytic Converters 

Catalytic converter – Wikipedia

Why are thieves across Canada stealing catalytic converters? |

Did Your Catalytic Converter Get Stolen? The Pandemic–and Rhodium–Could Share Some Blame – Scientific American

Catalytic converter thefts rise as metal inside ‘more valuable than gold’ | CBC News

Catalytic converters being stolen from under our cars, noses | Driving

Why There Is Big Money In Stolen Catalytic Converters : NPR

Catalytic converter thefts last year led to $1.28 million in SGI claims

YouTube: Catalytic Converters are getting stolen all across the country. Here’s why.

Masked People More Attractive?

Surgical face masks make people look more attractive, new study finds – ABC

Do face masks make you more attractive? – Laura Dodsworth

@james_townsend –

Face masks ‘make wearers look more attractive’, study suggests – Cardiff University

Beyond the beauty of occlusion: medical masks increase facial attractiveness more than other face coverings – Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications

New Year’s Resolutions

SMART criteria – Wikipedia

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1 Response to TRC #643: Catalytic Converters + Masked People More Attractive? + New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Rich W. says:

    Now we just need a follow-up for the relative value of fictional metals like Kryptonite, Vibranium, Ginzuishou, Nth Metal, Adamantium, all those unicorn horns Tirek said he found, etc. 😉

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