TRC #635: Ear Seeding + The Oldest Profession?

Cristina gives us an earful about a wellness trend that suggests placing a small seed or bead on the cartilage of your outer ear provides multiple health benefits. Adam looks back in history to corroborate whether sex work really is the so-called ‘oldest profession’.

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Ear Seeding


Acupuncture Point Shenmen “Spirit Gate”


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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

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Sham Control Methods Used in Ear-Acupuncture/Ear-Acupressure Randomized Controlled Trials: A Systematic Review

Stephen Barrett

What are Ear Seeds? Experts Weigh in on Ear Seeding Wellness Trend

Ottawa Skeptics – 10 Questions For Stephen Barrett 

The Oldest Profession?

Oldest profession (phrase) – Wikipedia

8 Oldest Professions in the World –

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