TRC #627: Produce Bags + Science Of Soulmates + Are Turtles Slow?

Adam is perplexed by his recent woes trying to open produce bags and goes looking for answers. Cristina examines the notion of soulmates and whether we can use science to determine how likely we are to meet that ‘one’ human on Earth we’re meant to be with. Finally, Darren challenges the narrative we’re taught since childhood that turtles are slow after seeing a video of one ninja-moving turtle.

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Produce Bags

How To Open Produce Bags Without Licking Your Fingers – Around The Home – YouTube

Why do we wet a finger to turn pages? – The Naked Scientist

Why is it easier to open a fresh plastic bag with wet fingers? – Quora

Why does rubbing two fingers and your thumb together signify “money”? – Quora

Science of Soulmates

6 Scientific Reasons To Stop Believing In Soul Mates

The Science of Soulmates | Everyday Einstein

Are Soulmates Actually Real? – Experts Explain Soulmate Meaning


“Soulmates,” in The Encyclopedia of Love in World Religions, ABC-CLIO World Religions Project, Ed.: Dr. Yudit Kornberg Greenberg, Santa Barbara, California, et. al., November 2007, pp. 593-597.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Francis Crick

What If? Serious Scientific Answers To Absurd Hypothetical Questions

Monogamy: Who needs it?

Proximity principle – Wikipedia

Are Turtles Slow?

All Turtles 

Fast turtle underwater

Fast turtle video


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2 Responses to TRC #627: Produce Bags + Science Of Soulmates + Are Turtles Slow?

  1. Rich W. says:

    I can’t believe that you did a segment on how fast turtles move without Adam at least mentioning Gamera. 😉

    After some of Cristina’s recent asides I really wish there was a way that she could interview her 20yo self. (Totally unrelated, what’s the e-mail address for parody ideas? :D)

    Thanks again, Cool Canadian Folks.

    • C-Roach says:

      Hey Rich! You’re right, re Adam. He must be slippin’ 🙂
      Also, I’m not sure I would enjoy interviewing 20yo me lol.
      We haven’t done a parody in forever. If you have an idea, send it over! – Cristina

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