TRC #624: COVID Vaccine Risk & Critical Thinking + Mary Kay Pink Cadillac + What Does The Fox Say?

Darren kicks off the show with an important segment that examines the benefit of getting the COVID vaccine versus any potential risks using critical thinking. Cristina takes a ride down the MLM highway and explores Truth In Advertising’s recent scrutiny of Mary Kay’s deceptive pinky promises. Finally, Adam really does a deep dive to find out, what does the fox say?

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COVID Vaccine Risk and Critical Thinking

Don’t Compare Blood Clots After J&J Vaccine to Birth Control Risk

Mary Kay Pink Cadillac

Mary Kay Off-Roads into Deceptive Income Claims

Mary Kay’s Deceptive Pinky Promises

Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash – Wikipedia

Mary Kay Beauty Consultants Locator: Find Mary Kay Cosmetics and Consultants Near You

FTC Sends Warning Letters to Multi-Level Marketers Regarding Health and Earnings Claims They or Their Participants are Making Related to Coronavirus

FTC’s Business Guidance Concerning Multi-Level Marketing

Mary Kay Income Claims

MLMs Continue to Break the Law Despite FTC Warning

FTC Coronavirus Warning Letters to Companies

What Does The Fox Say?

Ylvis – The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD] – YouTube

What the Fox ACTUALLY Says (The Scream of a Fox) – YouTube

The foxes that say HEHEHE – YouTube

Fox Calls – YouTube

Animal Sounds in Norwegian – Tumblr

Animal Sounds in Norwegian – YouTube

Animal Sounds – University of Adelaide

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