TRC #542: Social Influencers Vs The FDA + Critical Thinking In Practice + Closest Planet To Earth?

My very excellent mother says it’s a new TRC! Cristina kicks off the show with a look at the dicey world of social influencers and sponsored medical content. Next, Darren tells us more about his trip to Egypt and considers how to use critical thinking when faced with the social pressure to buy things while travelling. Lastly, Adam gets all math-y on us when he asks: on average, what is the closest planet to Earth?  

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Social Influencers Vs The FDA

Reddit Thread

The Atlantic: The FDA Vs The Shill

Daily Mail:  Kim Kardashian Vs The FDA

Vox: Instagram Influencers and Medical Promotions

Closest Planet To Earth

Venus is not Earth’s closest neighbor – Physics Today

Mercury, Not Venus, Is the Closest Planet to Earth – Gizmodo

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