TRC #538: Ancient Egypt + J.D. Power Awards + Hocus Pocus

The whole crew is back on the cast this week! Fresh from his trip to Egypt and Jordan, Darren digs into some fascinating ancient Egyptian myths. After seeing car commercials lauding J.D. Power & Associates awards for the umpteenth time, Cristina asks ‘wtf are the J.D. Power Awards?’ Finally, Adam tries to determine the true origin of the term “hocus pocus”.

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Ancient Egypt

Wikipedia: Pyramid Construction

Atlanta Black Star 



J.D. Power Awards

Jalopnik: Everything You Wanted To Know About JD Power

SFGate: JD Power Cozy With Winners

Wikipedia: JD Power

Video – The Biggest Car Buying Joke In History

JD Power Canada

Vox: JD Power Car Commercials

Hocus Pocus

What’s the origin of “abracadabra,” “hocus-pocus,” and “presto”? – The Straight Dope

Hocus pocus (magic) – Wikipedia

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