TRC #486: Valentine’s Day Myths + Name That: V-Day Edition + The Heart

Another theme-filled show coming at you! First, Cristina combs through widely-held Valentine’s Day myths to find out what’s fact and what’s fiction. Pat challenges the panel with another game of Name That: V-Day Edition. Finally, Darren rounds out the show with a ‘heartfelt’ segment about the amazing organ behind Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day Myths

List 25: 25 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Valentine’s Day

CNN: Valentine’s Day Fast Facts

IB Times: Valentine’s Day History: Popular Legends, Fun Facts About The Origins Of The Feb 14 Holiday

NY Times: Valentine’s Day Facts

Mirror: What day is Valentine’s Day 2018? Who was St. Valentine and what is the real story, facts and history behind February 14

Time and Date: Valentine’s Day

NRF: Consumers will spend 182 billion on Valentine’s Day

Statista: Most Popular Months for Engagement In The U.S.

Forbes: Valentine’s Day Fact Check Holiday Spending Is Only A Drop In The Retail Bucket

Weird Worm: 10 myths about Valentine’s Day everyone believes

Wiki: Valentine’s Day

Wiki: Saint Valentine

Wiki: Esther Howland

Washington Faculty

Name That: V-Day Edition

Romantic Town Names: Canada Post

Wired: Mammal Monogamy

Huffington Post: Wedding Traditions

City Of New York: V-Day Tour

BuzzFeed: Ridiculously Specific Dating Sites Survey

The Heart


Heart Cleveland Clinic

Heart Health Institute

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