TRC #476: MAGA Transformers Toy? + Name That: Spot The Fake + Tilapia and Omega-6

On this week’s show, Adam looks into whether a recently released Transformers toy contains a Pro-Trump message. The gang has a ton of fun playing Producer Pat’s game of Name That: Spot the Fake Fact. Darren checks into headlines suggesting that eating tilapia may be no better for you than bacon, hamburgers or doughnuts.

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Transformers Toy MAGA Message

Tweet by @TheLastGherkin about Jazz’s MAGA logo

Alphabet – Transformers Wiki

Did Hasbro Hide a pro-Trump message on a “black” Transformers toy?

4 Letter Words – Four Letter Scrabble Words

Socialist Democratic Federated Republic of Carbombya – Transformers Wiki

Name That: Spot The Fake Fact

Wikipedia: Boanthropy

Gizmodo: Bluetooth is Named After A Medieval King

CityNews: Frostbite Vs. Frostnip

Viagra Makes Flowers Stand Up Straight

Live Science: Pluto’s First Complete Orbit

Wikipedia: Octopus Australia: Australians Need To Eat More Kangaroos: Population Booms

Wikipedia: Cat Anatomy

How Stuff Works: Ostrich Facts

Wikipedia: Jiffy (Time)

The Daily Beast: Did Picasso Try To Steal The Mona Lisa?

Today I Found Out: Russian Olympic Team Arrived Late To 1908 Olympics

Food For The Poor: President and CEO

Wikipedia: Australian Feral Camels

BBC: 1 in 10 Icelanders Will Publish A Book

Live Science: Koalas and Human Fingerprints

The Atlantic: Fact Checking Snapple’s Real Facts Buzzards Vs. Vultures

Wikipedia: Thursday – Thor’s Day

Tilapia and Omega-6


Globe and Mail

Wikipedia Omega 6

Wikpedia Omega 3

Wikipedia Tilapia

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