TRC #473: Does Sugar Cause Diabetes? + Allergy Doc Dave Stukus Pt. 1 + SGEM Hang With Dr. Jen Gunter

Come for the Science, stay for the FUN! On this week’s show, Adam looks at the leading causes of diabetes after a listener calls Darren out on his joke linking sugar to the disease. Cristina and Pat bring you part 1 of a great chat with Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Specialist Dr. Dave Stukus who answers listener’s burning questions. Finally, Cristina and Pat hang with Dr. Ken Milne, host of Skeptic’s Guide to Emergency Medicine, and OB-GYN and master GOOP Debunker, Dr. Jen Gunter of Wielding The Lasso Of Truth.

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Does Sugar Cause Diabetes?

Responses to Darren’s diabetes joke – Link 1, Link 2 – Twitter

Diabetes mellitus – Wikipedia

Quantity of sugar in food supply linked to diabetes rates, researcher says – Stanford Medicine News Center

The Relationship of Sugar to Population-Level Diabetes Prevalence: An Econometric Analysis of Repeated Cross-Sectional Data – PLOS

Allergy Doc Dr. Dave Stukus

Dave’s TEDx Talk

Dave’s Twitter

Guidelines for Clinicians and Patients for Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in the United States

SGEM Hang With Dr. Jen Gunter

Dr. Milne



Dr. Gunter:



Bad Science Watch:



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