The Reality Check #46: Wind Turbine Illness + Madoff & Ponzi Schemes + Post-Mortem Nail Growth Myth

Wind Turbine

Adam stops the spin and finds oout if wind turbines are a danger, Jon invests his time to explain what a ponzi scheme is and how Madoff made off with so much money, and Darren scratches his way to explaining the myth that fingernails grow after death.

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Show Notes

Wind Turbine Illness
Wind Turbine Syndrome

Unscientific slideshow

Good study by Académie Nationale de Médecine

Councillor urges study of wind farms for health risks
 – Ottawa Citizen
McGuinty vows to stop wind-farm NIMBYs
 – The Star

Ponzi Schemes and Bernie Madoff
Initial Report – Forbes Article

Madoff’s Sentencing – WSJ

The Talented Mr Madoff – NY Time

How Madoff Made Off With My Money – Stephen Greenspan

Myth: Nails Grow After Death

NY Times review


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