TRC #456: Anonymous vs NASA + The Matilda Effect + Wonder Woman Pay Gap?

Happy Canada Day Checkers! This week, Adam looks into a claim by Anonymous making headlines that NASA is about to announce the discovery of aliens. Inspired by the movie Hidden Figures, Cristina digs into the Matilda Effect and highlights some groundbreaking women scientists who were famously and shamelessly snubbed for their achievements. Finally, after Darren comes down from seeing the new Wonder Woman blockbuster, he explores whether Gal Gadot’s paycheque is as unfair as some make it sound.

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Anonymous vs NASA

Anonymous believes NASA is poised to announce discovery of aliens


Hacking Group Anonymous Claims NASA Is About To Announce Discovery Of Aliens – IFL Science

UFOs Brian OLeary

What They Don’t Want You To Know – YouTube

The Matilda Effect

Washington Post: Why men get all the credit when they work with women

The Atlantic: When Women Don’t Take Credit for Their Own Good Work

Wiki: Katherine Johnson

LA Times: Hidden Figures Katherine Johnson

Wiki: The Matilda Effect

Listverse: 10 Groundbreaking Women Scientists Written Off By History

Wiki: Jocelyn Bell Burnell

BBC: The Life Scientific – Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Wiki: Meitnerium

Mother Jones: Men taking credit women history

The Cut: Study Says Women Don’t Get Credit When They Work With Men

National Geographic: 6 Women Scientists Who Were Snubbed Due to Sexism

Huff Post: 11 Women Who Did Groundbreaking Things That Men Got The Credit For

Wonder Woman Pay Gap?



Daily Dot


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