TRC #426: Measuring Pregnancy: Weeks Vs Months? + Name That: Canadian Citizenship + The 5 Second Rule

5secondruleAdam kicks off the show looking at whether it is better to measure pregnancy in weeks or months. Next, Pat tests the panel’s “Canadianness” with a game of ‘Name That’ featuring questions from Canadian citizenship practice exams. Darren closes out the show with a look at the five second rule.

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Measuring Pregnancy

Pregnancy doesn’t last nine months-it lasts 40 weeks – Slate

How to count your pregnancy in weeks and months – Baby Centre

Name That

Elections Quebec: Right To Vote For Women

Wikipedia: Victoria Cross

Justice Canada: Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

McGill: Provinces and Territories By Area

Elections Canada

Wikipedia: Nova Scotia

Black History Canada: No. 2 Construction Battalion

The 5 Second Rule


Study at Applied and Environmental Microbiology

NY Times

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