TRC #411: Olympic Medal Counts + Name That: Olympics + Is Air Conditioning Sexist?

Olympic-MedalsDarren looks into who is really winning the Olympics and whether the way we count medals is fair. Pat tests the panels knowledge of the Olympics with a game of name that. Adam checks out the idea that air conditioning is sexist.

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Olympic Medal Counts


Name That: Olympics

USA Today: How Much Are Olympic Medals Worth

Top End Sports: Women And The Olympics

Wikipedia: Rugby Sevens

Wikipedia: Ancient Olympic Games

Is Air Conditioning Sexist?

The influence of gender and race on mean body temperature in a population of healthy older adults.

Washington Post: Frigid Offices and Freezing Women

Washington Post: These Two Men Control The Thermostat in 9000 Federal Buildings

Human body temperature – Wikipedia

Why do women’s bodies run colder than men’s? – Gizmodo

YouTube: Why Air Conditioning Is Sexist

Study links warm offices to fewer typing errors and higher productivity

Energy consumption in buildings and female thermal demand – Nature Climate Change

Comparison Between Male and Female Subjective Estimates of Thermal Effects and Sensations

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