TRC #388: Science vs “Resting Bitch Face” + Death By Super Bowl? + Gravity Of Melting Ice

CaVIiCMWQAAc-dBJust admit it, Checkers. That first segment title caught your eye and you knew Adam was back!  Adam raises a skeptical eyebrow at recent headlines claiming real science behind “Resting Bitch Face”. Cristina runs with a new study regarding the fate of fans in cities whose teams play in the Super Bowl. Finally, Darren unearths whether Greenland’s ice melt could actually change our gravity field. Really? Listen to find out!

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Science vs “Resting Bitch Face”

Bitchy Resting Face – YouTube

‘Resting bitch face’ is real, scientists say

Scientists have discovered what causes ‘Resting Bitch Face’

Jason Rogers – LinkedIn

Abbe Macbeth, PhD – LinkedIn

Death By Super Bowl?

Treehugger: Death By Superbowl Party?

Tulane Edu: Super Bowl celebrations spread flu, according to Tulane researchers

MIT Press Journals: Success Is Something to Sneeze At: Influenza Mortality in Cities that Participate in the Super Bowl

Live Science: Super Bowl Teams’ Cities See Spike in Flu Deaths

The annual impact of seasonal influenza in the US: measuring disease burden and costs.

Wiki: Super Bowl

Gravity Of Melting Ice



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