TRC #366: Accent Bias + Electroshock Therapy + Did A Cat Take A Bullet For A Kid?

ect-therapyThree interesting segments this week.  First, Cristina addresses a listener email ‘aboot’ cultural stereotypes and subjective judgments based on people’s accents. Next, the gang is once again joined by Dina Tsirlin who looks into some shocking facts about electroconvulsive therapy.  Lastly, Adam takes aim at recent headlines suggesting that a cat ‘took’ a bullet for a kid.

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Accent Bias

The Effects of Southern vs. Standard Accent on Perceptions of Speakers

The Effect of Accent on Perceived Intelligence and Attractiveness

Association of Southern Accents with Low Intelligence As Early As Age 5

Why Does Southern Drawl Sound Uneducated to Some?

Why Do British Accents Make People Sound Smarter

Perception of Speaker Based On Accent

How Your Brain Goes Racist When Processing Ethnicity and Accents

Accents Impact Workplace and Consumer Choices

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Canadian Psychiatric Association: ECT

Mood Stabilizing Effects of ECT

Wikipedia: ECT

ECT Guidelines for Health Authorities in British Columbia

Mixed State – Psychiatry

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest: ECT Scene

Reddit Thread Regarding ECT

Did A Cat Take A Bullet For A Kid?

Cat Takes a Bullet and Saves 3-Year-Old in York – Fox 43

Take a Bullet – Wiktionary

My Little Hero – gofundme

You Can’t Take a Bullet for Someone Hollywood-Style, Because Physics – Scientific American


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4 Responses to TRC #366: Accent Bias + Electroshock Therapy + Did A Cat Take A Bullet For A Kid?

  1. Derek Dadey says:

    I don’t know about cats but magpies definitely know what a gun is. When i was younger I spent the summers on my grandparents farm, we were encouraged to take the little .22 rifle out to shoot the magpies but you had to be very sneaky. The instant they saw that gun they would vanish. You could walk around yell at them, throw rocks and they wouldn’t budge but they sure knew what that gun could do. We would resort to poking the barrel out the bathroom and hall windows but we would catch hell if we got caught doing that.

    • Adam G, says:

      Interesting. Though much like the example of a laser pointer I doubt they would be able to tell where the bullet is going. They just know gun causes bang and maybe death.

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