TRC #351: DNR Revisited + Penile Duplication + Vulcan Salute & Death Grip

neildegrasse (1)Pat kicks off this week’s show revisiting an older segment on DNR with some new information about the mortality rate in DNR patients. Darren looks into the phenomenon of men having more than one penis. Finally, Adam hands us a segment about the interesting origin of the Vulcan Salute and the Death Grip myth.

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DNR Revisited

Previous Segment On Planning Your Own Death Part 1 and Part 2

UFTO Study

UFTO Website

Study: DNRs and Post-Op Morbidity

Study: High Mortality In Surgical Patients with DNRs

Study: Increased Risk Of Death – DNRs

Do Patients Die Because They Have DNRs or Do They Have DNRs Because They Are Going To Die

DNR: Does It Mean Do Not Treat?

DNRs Associated With Poor Surgical Outcomes

Toronto Star: Half-Hearted Medical Care for Hopeless Cases

Penile Duplication




Vulcan Salute & Death Grip

The Iconic “Live Long and Prosper” Hand Gesture Was Originally A Jewish Sign – Today I Found Out

Vulcan death grip – Memory Alpha

Vulcan nerve pinch – Memory Alpha



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1 Response to TRC #351: DNR Revisited + Penile Duplication + Vulcan Salute & Death Grip

  1. Yves says:

    Hi Reality Checkers. Just listening to your latest episode and I have to correct something Adam said in his segment (after all, it’s about something important 😉 ).

    Leonard Nimoy did not come up with the Vulcan nerve pinch for the show’s second season mirror universe episode (‘Mirror Mirror’), but much earlier in the series, for the first season episode ‘The Enemy Within’, which also has a duplicate Captain Kirk running around. But without the facial hair.

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