TRC #346: The Grape Ice Cream Debate + QRay Wellness Bracelets + Things Women Couldn’t Do Before The 70’s + Eye Floaters

rosierivet2What a jam-packed show! After kicking things off with a beloved TV show theme parody, Pat dips into a long standing myth about grape ice cream, while Adam breaks down QRay Wellness Bracelet claims. Cristina highlights how far women have come since the 70’s and Darren dissects eye floaters. Can you guess the TV theme parody this week? Email us!


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The Grape Ice Cream Debate

Wikipedia: Hostess Potato Chip History

Ebaum’s World: Grape Ice Cream

Original Story on EM Toast

Same Story on The Chive

Handel’s Ice Cream

PET-MD Grapes and Raisins

Wikipedia:  Anthocyanin

ASPCA: Food Hazardous To Dogs

QRay Wellness Bracelets

Ionized jewelry – Wikipedia

QRay – Q The Positive commercial in which 6 QRay bracelets are worn incorrectly

QRay official site

Effect of “Ionized” Wrist Bracelets on Musculoskeletal Pain: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Ionized jewelry – Wikipedia

Marketers of Q-Ray Ionized Bracelets Charged by FTC – Federal Trade Commission

How Far Women Have Come Since The 70’s

Ms Magazine: 10 Things That American Women Could Not Do Before the 1970s

Huff Post: 8 Things Women Couldn’t Do

Huff Post: Women’s equality day

Irish Central: 10 Things Irish Women Could Not Do in the 1970s


NPR: The Nation Financial Reform Could Hurt Women

The Week: Sexual Harassment Marathon History 1972

Wiki: Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Wiki: Canadian Human Rights Act

OHRC: My Life as a Woman in Canada

Richard Kennedy Solicitors: Family home and women in Irish law

Eye Floaters



MAYO clinic


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