TRC #337: Women In Science + Brian Tomasik on Wild Animal Suffering Part 2 + Blue Blood

likeagirlWith Adam at the helm this week, we kick off with a segment from Cristina highlighting the challenges women face forging a path in Science-related fields, we feature part 2 of our interview with guest Brian Tomasik about Wild Animal Suffering and finally, Adam sheds some light on why our veins look blue.

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Women In Science

Eight Inventions By Women That Men Got Credit For

National Geographic: Women Scientists Overlooked

Mental Floss: 19 Things You Might Not Know Were Invented By Women

Top 10 Things That Women Invented

Huff Post: Billy Nye Interview

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Computer History

Women in Tech

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Smart Girls

Blue Blood

Vein – Wikipedia

The Straight Dope: If blood is red why do your veins look blue?

Why do veins look blue? – Dr. Karl’s Great Moments in Science (ABC Science)

Why do veins appear blue? A new look at an old question



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