TRC #321: Ebola + Google Traffic + Sexy Ebola Nurse Costume

sexy-breaking-bad-costume-ideaOn this week’s show, Darren explores whether it’s time to hit the panic button on Ebola, Adam navigates us through how Google Traffic really works, and Pat examines whether the Sexy Ebola Nurse Costume is a trick.

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Google Traffic

Google Traffic – Wikipedia

The bright side of sitting in traffic: Crowdsourcing road congestion data – Official Google Mobile Blog

The Google Now dilemma: Yes, it’s kind of creepy – but it’s also incredibly useful – Tech News and Analysis

How does Google Maps find out about traffic delays? –

Sexy Ebola Nurse Costume

Are Really Trying To Sell A Sexy Ebola Nurse Outfit?

Sexy Breaking Bad Costume

Brands On Sale: Ebola Containment Suit Costume

Brands On Sale: Sexy Ebola Containment Suit Costume



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