TRC #274: Cosmological Overview + Icelandic Elves + Marriage Annulment and Consummation

icelandic_elvesThe gang is joined by special guest Dana Peters for episode 274 of The Reality Check. Dana starts off the show by providing an overview of all of cosmology. No biggie. Adam then discusses The Huldufólk, Icelandic elves. Elan closes out the show by looking into whether a marriage is eligible for annulment if it hasn’t been consummated. Enjoy!

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Cosmological Overview

A Universe from Nothing (book)

Life, the Multiverse, and Everything (YouTube video)

Icelandic Elves

Why So Many Icelanders Still Believe in Invisible Elves – Ryan Jacobs – The Atlantic

Huldufólk – Wikipedia

Guardian Angels Are Here, Say Most Americans – TIME

Angel – Wikipedia

Poll: Majority Believe In Ghosts – CBS News

Annulment and Consummation

Canada Divorce Laws – Annulment

Ontario Divorces – Annulment

US Marriage Laws – Annulment Laws

Legal Zoom – Difference Between Annulment and Divorce

Wikipedia – Consummation


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