TRC #265: Motivated Numeracy + Does Cat Purring Heal Bones? + Chinese Food Hunger After an Hour

wheelchair-catThe gang is joined by former TRC host Jon Abrams for a doozy of an episode. Darren leads things off by discussing a recent paper on motivated numeracy. Adam then looks into if cat purring heals bones. Jon closes things out by challenging Adam’s claim from a previous episode that when you eat Chinese food you will get hungry again in an hour. Elan and Pat do their best to contribute. Enjoy!

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Motivated Numeracy

Mother Jones

Cat Purring Heals Bones?

factsionary – Instagram

Ronronnement – Wikipédia

medical science –  Can a cat’s purr heal injuries? – Skeptics Stack Exchange

Augmentation of bone healing by specific frequency and amplitude compressive strains

Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound

Why do cats purr? – Scientific American

Low-frequency vibratory exercise reduces the risk of bone fracture more than walking: a randomized controlled trial

Good Vibrations – NASA Science

Chinese Food Hunger After an Hour

Yahoo Answers

Straight Dope

Satiety Index

Recipe for Horseradish Mashed Potatoes


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2 Responses to TRC #265: Motivated Numeracy + Does Cat Purring Heal Bones? + Chinese Food Hunger After an Hour

  1. Kara says:

    By coincidence, I was eating Chinese food for lunch while listening to the Chinese food segment. I was surprised that saltiness wasn’t brought up. Any salty food will make you want to keep drink more, but I imagine since most people get their fluids from food rather than drinking, maybe people eat more to satisfy dehydration.

  2. Terry says:

    I really enjoyed Darren’s segment. Having grown up in a Catholic community I was very aware of the stone wall I would hit among my fellow community members whenever I questioned some of the obvious holes in all religions. Nice to see a theory explaining why people might suspend logic if it threatens their membership to a community. I think this ties in with evolutionary psychology as well. Keep up the interesting segments guys much appreciated.

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